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What is CBT? - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
The cognitions we have or thoughts effect our behaviour and in turn our responses to any given situation. It is therefore possible to learn the identity and pay attention to our thoughts and 'check in' with them; in order to realize and examine their origins and value. Origins of thoughts can stem from mistaken beliefs about ourselves/people or the world.
CBT offers the opportunity to discover alternative beliefs and in this process thoughts can become permanently changed into healthy ones that lead to freedom of mind and new perception of life.
In turn outcomes are turned around, everyday hassles of long term distress can be dissolved
and replaced by new inner confidence and self reliance.
~ Founder Aaron T. Beck.

What is Counselling?
A very gentle way of allowing someone to explore possibly very painful or difficult memories with a kind and supportive helping hand. It is lead by the client for the client. It is sometimes the first time a client has been allowed or allowed themselves to go to a deeply held personal place. Can be very effective for trauma and disturbing childhood memories.
Founder Carl Rogers.

What is Schema Therapy?
Schema Therapy has grown out of understanding that we all have Childhood Needs - If these needs are not met it can result in the formation of Schemas.
Schemas appear to protect us from various life problems, but in actual fact promote the continuation of the problem itself. Schemas keep us back from growing into who we should and could be.

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